Dog the Bounty Hunter Season 4 ends

Dog the Bounty hunters show was cancelled due to him calling his son’s girlfriend the N word on the phone. The son taped it and sold the audio to the Gossip News. That type of language he used was not appropriate for America as the word was banned. Read more of this horrible end to the Dog’s tv show on A & E.

Dog “The DogMan” was arrested again September 14, 2006 by the Feds and is up on charges with two others for Kidnapping. This court case has been delayed until later in 2007 so we won’t know what to expect till Season 5. He did do a Year in Review in the Year of the Dog for 2006 which aired in January 2007. What happened will come out in the next year or so remains to be seen but for now here is what was said about the arrest: Click here for News on Dog’s Arrest including A & E special: The Family Speaks

from their 2003 arrest of convicted serial rapist, Andrew Luster. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico , and Dog, Tim and Leland were arrested by the Mexican authorities. After being released on bail, Dog, his family and team, returned to Hawaii and to their lives as bounty hunters. also a new site Free Dog the Bounty Hunter

NEXT SHOW: DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: A YEAR IN REVIEW EPISODE AIRING, JANUARY 9 2007dog the bounty hunter the family speaks

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, lets you inside his world via your TV. Fugitives beware “The Dog Bounty Hunter” returned for a third season of heart-stopping adventures starring real-life bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman and his loyal Family and cohorts. This season, Dog and his crew Captured Notorious outlaws and sympathetic fugitives alike — all while doing their best to take care of their marriage, families and community. Tune in to: The Dog Bounty Hunter on A & E or visit his Official Dog the Bounty Hunter Site Dog in Jail back in 2003DOG NEWS 2003

Dog the Bounty Hunter made good on his promise five months ago to bring in Max Factor Heir Andrew Luster and did so in Mexico live on Tape. Dog got arrested for the capture because Mexico does not allow bounty hunters. Read more here: TalkLeft Archive on Dog’s Capture

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